Legal disputes of many varieties arise from time to time in commercial contexts. Prevention is the best medicine but when attempts to avoid disputes are not successful, resolution becomes necessary in order for business operations to continue forward.

Breach of contract, infringement of intellectual property and employment-related problems are examples of commercial law challenges that demand resolution. Negotiations and demands may solve some disputes; other prove to be more obstructive. Nonetheless, not all disputes — even high-stakes ones — need to lead to the courtroom. Some can be resolved in alternative forums such as through mediation or arbitration.

For Best Results, Participate Fully In Your Own Case

At Kay Griffin, PLLC, our lawyers are keen on keeping clients well-informed about their own cases. If you work with our law firm to overcome a legal dispute, you have our assurance that we will guide you in the most beneficial way, according to the facts at hand.

Sometimes arbitration is a mandatory dispute resolution method because of the way contracts were written. If your business is about to enter into a contract, consult with our administrative law attorneys to learn how to protect your right to bring a lawsuit if necessary. However, if arbitration or mediation is already the only way forward for your business, you can rely on our willingness and readiness to pursue the best attainable outcome, regardless of the method.

The Right Way Forward When Your Business Faces A Legal Dispute

Kay Griffin, PLLC, recognizes that litigation can be expensive. Every effort is made to resolve our clients' disputes as efficiently as possible. This firm has extensive experience in a full range of alternative dispute resolution methods and forums. In particular, James D. Kay, Jr. has served as a mediator and/or an arbitrator in well over 1,800 cases. Mr. Kay, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. Colbert are listed as Supreme Court Rule 31 mediators.

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