While most cases conclude in the trial court, appeals in some cases are inevitable. Effective appellate practice combines sound analysis to identify the key issues in a case, thorough legal research, persuasive writing, and confident and convincing oral advocacy.

The attorneys at Kay Griffin, PLLC, have successfully represented clients in more than a hundred appeals at all levels in Tennessee and in other states. We are ready to review all aspects of your case in search of plausible grounds for an appeal.

You may wonder about the possibility of mounting an appeal after you lost a legal battle, resulting in great potential losses. You may worry about costs or the prospective of dragging a case out. However, before you even contact a lawyer, we urge you not to give up before considering the potential benefits of bringing an appeal.

Alternatively, you may be preparing to defend your position when a legal opponent who lost a case against you is poised to appeal.

Our attorneys' in-depth knowledge of many legal practice areas makes our firm a wise choice as you look for a skilled advocate at any stage of litigation.

We Are Available To Evaluate Your Case

Does your legal matter meet the criterion that may allow you to bring an appeal after a disappointment in the courtroom? Or have you heard, after winning an injury claim, that the other side will appeal? Don't wait; rather, call our law office in Nashville and Knoxville at 615-742-4800 or send an email message.