Contracts are at the heart of all businesses and commerce. No commercial entity can afford to become complacent about ensuring that contracts it enters into are legally and strategically sound. Creating contracts for various purposes is an ongoing need for every profitable enterprise. A contract that served the needs of last decade's financial landscape is likely to need updating to protect a business's integrity today.

Transactions And Litigation

Kay Griffin, PLLC, in Nashville provides a full menu of commercial legal services, including drafting, reviewing, revising, negotiating and formalizing contracts. Clients' contract issues have to do with business formation and operations, purchase and sale of goods, purchase, sale and leaving of commercial real estate, employment, construction, transport of goods and much more.

A large part of our practice having to do with contracts focuses on litigation. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract claims. Our clients' contract disputes have to do with nonperformance, delay of performance and underperformance of goods or services as described in contracts.

Discuss Contract Problems With An Experienced Attorney

Our Tennessee commercial law attorneys are recognized for their knowledge and skills in this and other areas of the law. They are regularly named to national and regional "best of" lists, including Super Lawyers, Best of the Bar and The Best Lawyers in America.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you about your business's contract needs and challenges. Bring your contracts for us to review in our downtown Nashville office building or let us know if you need to meet with us elsewhere. Email us or call 615-742-4800 to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.