Building projects offer exciting prospects for profit-making while shaping the development or upgrading of an entire community. Those who take the risks involved in investing, designing and contracting often reap great rewards. They may gain great prestige and find doors open leading to future projects. Once a structure is complete and put to use, this very visible evidence often leads the way to additional construction opportunities.

Common Challenges For Construction Companies

Builders also face many hurdles, some of which become legal problems. Disputes between property owners and builders, between contractors and subcontractors or between any other interested parties may trigger lawsuits and costly litigation. Quality legal counsel is critical to prevent, manage or resolve conflicts.

Clients of Kay Griffin, PLLC, in Nashville soon learn what quality counsel actually means after they decide to entrust their cases to the firm. Through customized representation, clients benefit from the firm's experience and knowledge as they face legal issues such as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Indemnity claims
  • Bodily injury claims
  • Economic loss claims
  • Loss of use claims
  • Defective workmanship claims
  • Construction material defect claims
  • Attachment of mechanics' liens

Tennessee attorneys at our firm represent a number of local and national construction and development companies across the southeastern region of the U.S. The firm handles complex legal matters such as those listed above. Protecting value and preserving reputations are reasons to work closely with an experienced lawyer such as one of our legal team members.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball — Resolve Your Construction Law Matter

Every day or week spent haggling over legal challenges confronting a builder or developer is another day or week of lost profits. Whether a dispute occurs before, during or after actual construction activity, it may become very costly and frustrating. Don't let a minor problem become a major one. Take steps to put any legal challenge behind you. Send an email message or call 615-742-4800 to schedule a consultation.