Self-insured entities and insurance companies alike need to stay alert for potential legal challenges such as lawsuits and damage claims. Kay Griffin, PLLC, represents a variety of national insurance companies in complex litigation. The firm has also represented thousands of insureds in personal injury, commercial, construction, and intellectual property cases among others.

Risk management refers to proactive as well as after-the-fact measures such as reviewing contracts, documenting facts after an accident and preparing every case as if for trial. Kay Griffin, PLLC's attorneys are prepared to meet with any entity seeking to mitigate or manage risk. For insurance defense, employment disputes, construction defect or delay claims and other areas of legal and financial risk, learn how to meet and overcome the challenges.

A starting point in any litigation involving insurers or insureds is to determine what insurance policies cover according to all the fine print in their own documentation. Our law firm issues coverage opinions for clients seeking to manage risks and prevent or minimize losses through legal actions of others. Get the advice and guidance you need to protect assets, projects and profitability. Call us at 615-742-4800 or complete our online intake form for a prompt response.

Descriptions on this website are by nature general and may not relate to the particulars of your litigation matter. To get a clear picture of risks your business, insurance company or private assets may be liable for in an accident or in any other loss scenario, consult with a lawyer who can help you examine your actions of defense.