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Intellectual Property Rights And Entertainment Law Matters

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Among your business’s or corporation’s strongest assets is your intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, customer lists, confidential business processes and internal company business information such as the hierarchical structure of your team.

A large part of your due diligence in support of your company’s integrity has to do with protection of intellectual property. This can be as important as, or more important than, protection of tangible holdings such as warehoused products or commercial real estate assets.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Proactively And Through Litigation

When your intellectual property is at risk, you need top-notch legal counsel to guide you in protecting these more intangible assets. Kay Griffin, PLLC, provides clients thorough, reliable advice and representation in many areas of intellectual property and entertainment law. The firm assists its clients with creating, securing, licensing and transferring rights in intellectual property.

The firm’s attorneys also have extensive experience in litigating copyright and other entertainment issues. Our clients have included singers, songwriters, playwrights, entertainment venue representatives and entertainment industry agents.

Prevent Or Navigate Disputes

With our clients’ best interests in mind, our lawyers seek to help clients prevent litigation through effective protection of intellectual property. However, it is sometimes necessary to confront challenges through litigation. Your intellectual property dispute may be resolvable through direct negotiations or it may escalate to the point of a lawsuit to be argued before a judge or jury.

Whether your intellectual property matter has to do with entertainment law or any other business venture, our law firm is an obvious top pick in the Nashville and Knoxville area. When your business works with Kay Griffin, PLLC, we will devote considerable time and effort to preparing you to make cost-effective decisions as you pursue case resolution.

Contact A Proven-Effective Intellectual Property Rights Litigator

Our Nashville and Knoxville-based trial lawyers are recognized throughout the state and the southeastern region that includes Tennessee. Their names are often found on national and regional “best of” lists, including Super Lawyers, Best of the Bar and The Best Lawyers in America.

Our office in downtown Nashville and Knoxville is easy to find, just across the street from the Davidson County courthouse. Meet with us there or at a location convenient to you. Email us or call 615-742-4800 to schedule a consultation with an intellectual property rights attorney.